Sustainability: central

Our energy and environmental concept

We are based in one of Germany’s ten largest cities. This makes it all the more important for us to ensure sustainability in everything we do – for the people who live in this region, for the climate, for the environment and for future generations.

Energietechnik Essen GmbH’s manufacturing and production work is carried out in one of Germany’s largest cities – and one of the country’s most densely populated areas. As such, we take our responsibility towards others, the environment and the climate very seriously.

Certified environmental management

Adopting a long-term ecological perspective is the only way for us to ensure our financial success. Our commitment to environmental management is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001:2015, the energy management is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001. This means that our customers can rest safe in the knowledge that our products are not only functionally reliable, they are also developed and manufactured in accordance with strict environmental and energy management criteria.

Continuous analysis and optimisation

We are continuously monitoring the energy efficiency of our processes, Whenever we find potential for savings, we optimise our approach accordingly. Our staff are aware of their responsibility at every stage of our value chain, from raw material procurement to shipping, and act accordingly. For example, we make great use of the outstanding recyclability steel offers as a material, re-using almost 100 per cent of it, again and again. Each re-use goes towards improving our ecological footprint.

Safeguarding and improving quality of life

We offer people in and around the city of Essen secure jobs, but we also give them more than that: by applying environmental awareness in everything we do, we help to improve their overall quality of life. The health and occupational safety of our employees is also very important to us. Tools such as regular check-ups and training sessions help us to ensure that occupational safety is more than just a hot topic, implementing measures than make it a reality in our workplace.