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Energietechnik Essen GmbH

Energietechnik Essen GmbH, a GMH Gruppe company, specialises in nitrogen-alloyed steels for a wide range of applications and also retaining rings, which are built to withstand the enormous centrifugal forces produced in generators.

The Energietechnik Essen GmbH brand guarantees resilience and drives markets forwards, thus catering to two of the industry’s most important requirement profiles. As part of GMH Gruppe, we have made our name in two main fields: the production of retaining rings that ensure safety in powerful generators in the energy sector, and the manufacture of steel alloys with optimised properties – especially nitrogen-alloyed steels. These are used for a range of applications, including high-tech components that are important in ensuring safety.

100 percent steel safety

Our nitrogen-alloyed steel is used in sectors such as aerospace, medical technology and Formula 1. Our martensitic, cold-worked CRONIDUR® 30 steel is used wherever other steels simply aren’t good enough. One such situation is the construction of rudders and landing flaps for passenger planes, which need to withstand exposure to kerosene and extreme fluctuations in temperature. CRONIDUR® 30 offers all this and more, with a corrosion resistance and high strength that ensure every plane lands 100 per cent safely.

Our precision-manufactured special steels are in demand all over the world: on satellites speeding through space, in Formula 1 cars racing around the most prestigious tracks, in premium knives of renowned manufacturers, in drinks filling plants and as luxury watch springs. And we aim to expand our leading position on the global market even further.

100 years of retaining ring expertise

No other company in the world can match us when it comes to experience in manufacturing retaining rings for generators – a service we have been performing at our site for over 100 years. In partnership with GMH Gruppe – especially Schmiedewerke Gröditz – we supply precision pieces to withstand the centrifugal forces produced in today’s increasingly powerful generators, which can reach speeds of up to 3,600 revolutions per minute. As such, we play a key role in guaranteeing that power is generated safely, keeping up with the fast technological progress of the energy sector.

Both our nitrogen-alloyed steel for the aerospace industry and our retaining rings for generators are produced using high-tech production plants. Together with our continuous investment, this ensures that the quality of our products and processes remains consistently high in all areas – from the remelting plant to machining.

Welding 101

Energietechnik Essen GmbH is part of the Forging Technology business unit of GMH Gruppe.

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